Rental Terms

IMPORTANT: We require a $400 REFUNDABLE deposit at time of rental to cover any possible hardware damages or late returns. This amount can be added to the overall cost at the time of purchase via PayPal or sent separately via a PayPal or Credit Card over the phone if you choose. We can issue an invoice to go with it as well if you like. We will obviously not charge you the entire $400 if there is an issue, but only what it costs to fix the phone or cover the extra time it was kept.

Rental Date: Please note that purchasing this listing does NOT guarantee a rental will be available for your desired rental dates. We are especially busy during the spring and summer months, so please contact us ahead of time to check availability and we will do our best to accommodate. We take reservations 2 weeks in advance when able.

The phone will Include:
Unlimited Airtime (voice, data and incoming texts) in the US, Canada and Northern Bahamas. Coverage over bodies of water around these areas is also included for boats where reception is available.

  • Roaming Outside of these areas is $1.99/min
  • 1700 Phone
  • Battery and Wall Charger
  • Pelican Carrying Case
  • User's Manual and a How-To Guide on Phone Usage

Car Chargers or extra batteries are available for an additional $5/mo/each.

We will allow a 5 day transit period both to send the phone to you and also to send it back to us. If we can view the tracking number and see that it is in transit, that is also acceptable.

Disclosure: Not for use indoors or vehicles. These phones are connecting to satellites that are only overhead in any given area for about 15 minutes, with a new satellite coming into orbit behind them to replace the coverage. This will result in dropped calls and signal loss as they move across the horizon. To improve connection and call times, having at least 80% clear view of the sky and standing in one place, with the antenna pointing directly up will increase signal quality and length of calls. Trying a different location when signal isn't steady can make a difference as well. Interference from other electronics and obstructions around you can be the cause of a diminished signal.