Raymarine Software Update

Software update for your Raymarine multi-function display, provided on a memory card (CF, SD, or micro SD) that fits your display. As long as you pick the correct system you have, we know which kind of card to use, so no need to specify. C-Classic systems will have the chart card slot left of the screen, C-Wides will be on the right. E-Classic systems will not be touch screen, E-Wides will be touch screens. All current model systems will be lowercase and take Micro-SD cards (a/c/e/g series)

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Please give us a call or email if you need to update you autopilot or depth sounder module. 360-746-7499 Rob@RadarMarine.com

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Navionics Chart Card

Are your Navionics charts outdated? We recommend that you buy a new chart card every 4-6 years for updated maps and safety information.

We generally recommend the pre-loaded cards for customers in the US and Canada. They provide the most bang for your buck, giving you more information for less money. Many of the features on the higher end Platinum cards do not work on the older models and are more expensive anyway. Comes with all US and Canadian waters, including Alaska and Hawaii. Click here to view coverage area.

Do you have a C-Series or E-Series Classic display? You will need to delete all 16GB of data pre-loaded on the cards when you receive it because that is too much data for the older processors to handle. The card will come with a CF Adapter in the box, allowing you to plug it into your computer and delete the data on it via Navionics' online portal. Then, it will allow you to reload whatever areas in the US or Canada you desire, but stop at about 2 GB. Any more and the system is likely to not run properly.

Please contact Navionics with any questions regarding re-programming: 800-848-5896

If you need charts for an area outside of the US or Canada, please contact us directly to discuss options. 360-733-2012 -Rob

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